Fullerton Police

Kelly Thomas Killer Cop Manuel Ramos Arrested in Fullerton

  Fullerton police department Manny mug shot: take two! Manuel Ramos, the fired Fullerton cop acquitted in the 2011 beating death of Kelly Thomas, is in trouble with the law again. His former chums at the Fullerton police department responded to a family disturbance call around 2 p.m. on July 16 at the 3600 block(…)


*PHOTO* Write a caption for this photo: Officer Ramos, Fired from Fullerton PD

  This “gentleman” (and we use that term loosely) has decided he will be silent. Silent to the family of the murdered victim, silent to the community, silent to the Justice System. What is YOUR best caption for this photo? He collects YOUR tax dollars! Please Comment!


*PHOTO* Ex officer Jay Cicinelli, co-killer of KELLY THOMAS! Really Parents?

  First Manuel Ramos, Now Jay Cicinelli. Both coaching Little League Baseball! Maybe they are good at teaching the kids how to swing….with a tazer. Or proper way to put on batting gloves before swinging? I wonder if they instruct the kids to tell the the ball that “they’re getting ready to fuck you up”?(…)


Cop to Kelly Thomas Murder Protesters: “There is a pack of 12 cops waiting to smash your f***ing faces in.”

  After being involved with the Kelly Thomas murder case for the last 2 1/2 years, protesting, attending council meetings, fundraiser involvement, writing letters and articles, videotaping and taking pictures, attending court dates, listening to the specifics of the murder by the DA (before the video was released), hearing dozens of witnesses to the murder…. all of which culminated in a televised murder(…)


*VIDEO* Cops Vs. Cameras: The Killing of Kelly Thomas & The Power of New Media

  From our friends at ReasonTV Written and produced by Paul Detrick, who also narrates. Camera by Detrick, Alex Manning, and Zach Weissmueller. Special thanks to Ron Thomas.


*VIDEO* Fullerton Police send us to voicemail

  Well, we did what we thought was the appropriate and legal thing to do, which was to call the Fullerton Police Information Office to get comment regarding the false arrests that are on video from today’s protest, this failed. The officer was very polite in transferring us and even claimed that the PIO was(…)


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